[icinga-devel] Happy 2nd Birthday Icinga!

Michael Friedrich michael.friedrich at univie.ac.at
Fri May 6 14:13:20 CEST 2011

Icinga is 2 years old today. We celebrate a massive year of development 
progress, community involvement and growth.

Just a year ago we were releasing separate versions of Core, API and 
Web. Since then we have unified Icinga and now stand at version 1.3.1. 
<https://www.icinga.org/2011/03/31/icinga-1-3-1-released/> This includes 
dual IPv6 / IPv4 support, optimized database connectivity and a new look 
web interface <https://www.icinga.org/screenshots/>. Two years down the 
track and Icinga is now stable, with integrated addons such as PNP, 
LConf, Heatmap and Business Process Addon. The project itself has 
extended to include Icinga Mobile 
<http://www.icinga.org/about/icinga-mobile/> and Icinga Reporting 
<https://www.icinga.org/about/icinga-reporting/> components. No wonder 
that we've surpassed 70,000 downloads in our 730 days.

On the side we have released a virtual appliance for easy installation 
and upgraded our wiki <https://wiki.icinga.org/>to Confluence. But new 
ideas and extensions haven't only come from us. Kepicz 
<http://github.com/kepi/IcingaChromedStatus>shared his Icinga Chromed 
for Google Chrome, Karl Fischer <http://code.google.com/p/icingadroid/> 
<https://www.icinga.org/2011/01/27/icinga-android-icingadroid/> for 
Android phones, and Igor Drobot 
<http://zeldor.biz/2011/04/nagiosicinga-traffic-light/> his Icinga 
traffic light 

Most exciting in the last 2 years was the chance to watch not only our 
team <https://www.icinga.org/team/>grow to 23 members but also the 
number of organisations and companies <https://www.icinga.org/users/> 
proudly announcing their use of Icinga. From monitoring the currents off 
the Australian coastline to Holland's largest social networking platform 
Hyves.nl, a network of public schools in America and an Austrian 
telecommunications network, Icinga has come a long way.

So on our birthday, we'd like to express our sincerest gratitude to all 
our Icinga friends and fans -- thanks for your feedback 
<http://feedback.icinga.org/>, translations 
<https://translate.icinga.org/pootle/>, wiki entries 
<https://wiki.icinga.org/>, tweets, <http://twitter.com/icinga> and support!



DI (FH) Michael Friedrich

Vienna University Computer Center
Universitaetsstrasse 7 A-1010 Vienna, Austria

email: 	michael.friedrich at univie.ac.at
phone: 	+43 1 4277 14359
mobile: +43 664 60277 14359
fax: 	+43 1 4277 14338
web:	http://www.univie.ac.at/zid

Icinga Core&  IDOUtils Developer

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