[icinga-devel] Icinga v1.4 released!

Michael Friedrich michael.friedrich at univie.ac.at
Wed May 11 11:30:18 CEST 2011

As our 2nd birthday 
<https://www.icinga.org/2011/05/06/happy-2nd-birthday-icinga/> was just 
last week, Icinga has a little belated present for you... version 1.4 
for download <http://sourceforge.net/projects/icinga/>! This time round 
we have many new features to show in the Classic UI and new Icinga Web, 
alongside bug fixes and much behind-the-scenes development in Core, 
IDOUtils and API. The two UIs were definitely this release's shining 
stars -- check out Michael F's post 
<https://www.icinga.org/2011/05/04/revisited-icinga-classic-ui/> for 
more info.

As always, our highlights from the change logs  (grouped as core 
<https://wiki.icinga.org/display/Dev/Icinga+Core+Changelog> and web 
<https://wiki.icinga.org/display/Dev/Icinga+Web+Changelog>) follow:

*Classic UI*
* Searching in the Icinga log files
* Show downtime in host detail and service detail views
* Store cmd.cgi submissions in logs
* Enforce a need for comment for action taken in cmd.cgi
* Add config option to set start of week (Sunday/Monday)
* Add an alternative CGI driven view for the top frame (Matthew Brooks)
* Added JSON output to nearly all pages in Classic UI
* Allow searching for host display_name normal and via regexp
* Display host/service dependencies in host/service details in extinfo.cgi
* Add module object definition for viewing with config.cgi including CSV 
and JSON output

* Full screen mode implemented
* apache conf.d now automatically detected during configuration
* Global refresh for all tabs in Icinga Web
* Log panel now configurable
* Check output length now configurable in Cronk views

* Re-allow perfdata with empty results being put on perfdata channel, 
disable via opt-in cfg option
* Add 'module' as object config, allowing cfg_dir usage loading without 
touching broker_module in icinga.cfg
* Multiple modules without touching broker_module in icinga.cfg
* Add --with-ext-cmd-file-dir= to configure, allowing icinga.cmd dir to 
be altered

* Add DB socket as config option in ido2db.cfg for MySQL and PostgreSQL
* Install sample (commented) config in modules/idoutils.cfg using new
* Module' object config
* Add configure flag to set ido instance_name other than 'default' in 

* API now returns UTF-8 encoded results for better compatibility with 
Icinga Web and PHP functions like json_encode
* Full SID support for Oracle


* Icinga IDOUtils DB upgrade
* NSCA/NRPE basic install and config how-to added
* New doc on developing Cronks for Icinga Web

Get Icinga 1.4 from Sourceforge 
<http://sourceforge.net/projects/icinga/>, and have a play on the 
Classic UI <http://classic.demo.icinga.org/icinga/> and new Icinga Web 
<http://web.demo.icinga.org/icinga-web/> demos. Don't forget to give us 
your feedback <http://feedback.icinga.org>, we're always happy to hear 
from you.

Thanks again to all our awesome Icinga friends for your support!



DI (FH) Michael Friedrich

Vienna University Computer Center
Universitaetsstrasse 7 A-1010 Vienna, Austria

email: 	michael.friedrich at univie.ac.at
phone: 	+43 1 4277 14359
mobile: +43 664 60277 14359
fax: 	+43 1 4277 14338
web:	http://www.univie.ac.at/zid

Icinga Core&  IDOUtils Developer

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