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Enrico Catanzaro enricocatanzaro at openarc.net
Wed Oct 19 17:34:32 CEST 2011

Good morning,

     I have been using icinga for almost a year and love it. I am in the process of planning a new icinga install to replace our current one and ran into a brick wall of sorts. We are looking for a way to capture uptime and performance data from a remote site during an outage (for the sake of discussion and really the only situation in which I see this valuable lets call it an internet outage). Currently we have one central server but as this idea was posed to me I started to look into configuring a distributed environment. From what I've read and understood in the Icinga doc's (and nagios docs) in a distributed setup the distributed server performs active service checks and then sends the results back to a central server. It does not however appear to explain what happens if it's unable to. Obviously configuring parent child relationships help clear things up a bit but we are looking for a way to have accurate availability and performance reports (not availability to our central server rather availability to the clients which in most cases are on the local network and not affected by an internet outage). 

So essentially I am looking for a way to have the remote data stored until the internet connection would come back up and then have it merged with the central monitoring server. I was wondering if anyone has accomplished this either with a distributed configuration or with a really awesome monitoring client that I have not heard of (or some other way altogether).

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