[icinga-devel] upcoming changes in icinga 1.7 - help test

Michael Friedrich michael.friedrich at univie.ac.at
Thu Apr 26 16:38:36 CEST 2012

dear fellow icinga users and devs,

as you all might know, we are currently fighting with the epel upstream 
bug to bring icinga into epel repositories (when finding a sponsor then) 
this includes *a lot* of rework on the actual icinga.spec file. some 
changes happened already within 1.6 release.

one of those "breaking changes" include *idomod.o* - the history is full 
of it (solaris does not like .o suffix, packagers dislike idomod.o in 
/usr/bin, everything is just a wholy mess. especially for me doing the 
rpm packaging for icinga myself as well).

therefore, release 1.7 will introduce CHANGES - see Changelog section.

* idomod.o is now idomod.so (same goes for helloworld.o)
* idomod.so will be installed to $libdir instead of $bindir

requires an upgrade of either

* broker_module in icinga.cfg
* module definition in idoutils.cfg

Make sure to follow the Changelog in r1.7 release branch here

since 1.6 we've been extensively adding functional & behavioural CHANGES 
to that section in Changelog. it's worth a shot (even if a long one) - 
see [0]

especially check the cgi updates, if you use those (e.g. anag, nagstamon)

those will help you as well. if unsure, follow the Changelog in icinga.spec

please help us test these changes for upcoming 1.7
(upgrade sql scripts are already in place, so just follow normal upgrade 

pick an issue, check the tests, comment on the issue

.. and apply for an icinga padawan in testing & qa :-)



PS: Web will be a seperate package as usual.

[0] current CHANGES in core.git 1.7, feature freeze yesterday

* neb api: move creation of notification contact list AFTER event broker 
         ** allows neb modules to cancel/override notification list 
creation on notification start

* debug: set debug_verbosity=2 by default
* configure: --enable-libtap=yes by default for builtin 'make test-tap'

* install: --with-temp-file=<filepath> #2121
         ** sets path to an Icinga exclusive update temp file i.e. 

* install: --with-plugin-dir=<path> #2344
         ** sets path to plugins directory path i.e. $prefix/libexec

* install: change default target location of idomod.so from $bindir to 
$libdir #2346
* install: change idomod extension from .o to .so, make .so the default 
extension for modules #2354
         ** make sure to UPDATE the location in your CONFIG !!!

* install: introduce "lib/" in default prefix install for modules #2347

* install: --with-eventhandler-dir=<path> #2352
         ** sets path to eventhandler directory path i.e. 

* install: make install-eventhandlers #2352
         ** install sample eventhandlers to defined location

* install: --enable-cgi-log #2364
         ** enables cgi logging (EXPERIMENTAL)

* install: --with-http-auth-file #2533
         ** sets location/name of htpasswd.users

* config: $sysconfdir/conf.d #2360

* install: --enable-libtap is now deprecated, new libtap does not 
require configure anymore #1192

* tests: you can now test with pleasure: $ make distclean ; ./configure 
; make test #2369 #1192

* core: add trigger_time to downtimes #2537
         ** downtimes in status.dat/retention.dat now holding trigger_time
         ** nebstruct and event broker api now passing trigger_time and 
* core: nebcallback for downtime start now happens *after* setting "in 
effect" attributes #2539
         ** needed to pass is_in_effect and trigger_time to neb modules

* classic ui: Added option for max log entries displayed in showlog.cgi 
         ** added new config option "default_num_displayed_log_entries"
         ** added new input field to redefine amount of displayed log 
         ** added "switch" to show/hide filters in showlog.cgi

* classic ui: status.cgi
         ** added new config option "display_status_totals"
         ** you can define more then one object to display
          ** host=hostA&host=hostB&host=...
          ** same with hostgroups and servicegroups
         ** nostatusheader is still available as URL param
         ** hostgroup=all now only shows hosts which are in a host groups
         ** host sorting is working now
         ** added 2 new cgi vars
          ** sortobject = determine if to sort host or service list 
          ** allunhandledproblems = to display ALL unhanded problems
         ** fixed and reorganized the links in status totals
         ** searching returns more then one hostgroup/servicegroup if 
group name matches
         ** combined Host/Service view now properly supported
         ** dropped "ALT" and "TITLE" tag from action url image in host 
and service status list
         ** status totals are now split into "displayed/all" for filtering
         ** filtering host/services/hostgroups/servicegroups is now 
possible via status totals

* classic ui: add javascript to refresh page/pause easier #2119
         ** no reload necessary to pause refresh
         ** selecting item in status.cgi/extinfo.cgi resets' refresh counter
         ** added cgi config option "refresh_type" to choose between 
http header refresh and javascript refresh

* classic ui: Added statusmap resizing with exclude/include button #2186
         ** now statusmap get's displayed much better (thanks to Mat)

* classic ui: Added Select hosts or services by clicking on line instead 
of box #2118
         ** selecting a host/service/downtime/comment checkbox now works 
also by clicking the row

* classic ui: fixed reset forms on return after submitting command #2117
         ** forms getting reset on page load
         ** fixed problem with downtime checkbox selection
         ** changed all forms to POST request

* classic ui: fixed json output for comments and downtimes in 
extinfo.cgi sometimes invalid #2343
         ** changes array names in json output of extinfo.cgi
          ** comments  -> host_comments  / service_comments
          ** downtimes -> host_downtimes / service_downtimes

* classic ui: fixed Commit commands with more then 500 multiple pairs of 
hosts and services #2373
         ** now it's possible to submit ~990 commands at the same time

* classic ui: outages.cgi
         ** added missing comment tool tip box
         ** fixed truncating of outages list

* classic ui: Added Scheduling queue filter for specific host or service 
         ** now everyone who is authorized for can see hosts/services in 
scheduling queue
         ** added links to host/service extinfo

* classic ui: Added readonly cgi.cfg view into the config section #1776
         ** New Option in config.cgi to view all cgi config options and 
their current values

* classic ui: statuswml.cgi and statuswrl.cgi are DEPRECATED now !!!!!!!!!
         ** both will be removed in Icinga 1.8 !!!!!!

* classic ui: cmd.cgi now accepts change commands with attr command #2474
         ** but ONLY 0 = reset, other values will trigger an error

* idoutils: limit long_output and perfdata database storage in mysql to 
32k #2342

* idoutils: enlarge field "FAILURE_PREDICTION_OPTIONS" in table hosts 
from 64 to 128 Bytes #2479

* idoutils: Oracle only->change method retrieving lastid, introduce 
individual sequence caching sizes #2510

* idoutils: fix pgsql unix_timestamp cannot handle timstamp with 
timezone #2203

* idoutils change varchar(255) to TEXT in mysql # 2181

DI (FH) Michael Friedrich

Vienna University Computer Center
Universitaetsstrasse 7 A-1010 Vienna, Austria

email:  michael.friedrich at univie.ac.at
phone:  +43 1 4277 14359
mobile: +43 664 60277 14359
fax:    +43 1 4277 14338
web:    http://www.univie.ac.at/zid

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