[icinga-devel] Icinga 1.7 released!

Michael Friedrich michael.friedrich at univie.ac.at
Tue May 15 18:57:11 CEST 2012

Michael Friedrich wrote:
> https://www.icinga.org/2012/05/15/icinga-1-7-released/

icinga 1.7 and icinga-web 1.7 pull requests are sent to repoforge - 
icinga-web is a first timer, but yet deserves it after 2 years of hard 
package work.

> Within two weeks, we’ve turned 3, hit 100,000 downloads and now release
> Icinga 1.7 for you to upgrade! This version comes with new views and
> options for customising Icinga Web and Classic UI, performance
> improvements in the core and much love for packagers.
> Note: Upon upgrading, please update your configurations as we have:
> moved bindir/idomod.o to libdir/idomod.so
> moved /var/icinga to /var/spool/icinga in icinga.spec (upgrade safe)
> renamed icinga-idoutils rpm to icinga-idoutils-libdbi-mysql|pgsql in
> icinga.spec
> –enable-libtap is deprecated, make test now works out-of-the-box with
> rewritten tests
> The changes to heed above have helped us make packaging easier, as now
> the libraries are where most packagers expect them to be.
> Of note, we have resolved a long-neglected bug that afflicted the
> Icinga/Nagios core, so that flexible downtimes now last the duration
> specified once triggered. Beyond this, event looping has been minimized
> when rescheduling checks – something that should reduce CPU load and
> improve performance. Kudos to Andreas Ericsson and Matthias Kettner for
> the initial patch!
> In the Classic UI we have two new views – ‘CGI Config Options’ to see
> user authorizations, and ‘Modified Attributes’ to see host and service
> configurations compared against the latest attributes applied in the
> front end. There are extra options to determine the detail of logs and
> status maps, and flexible downtimes come with added information on
> ‘trigger’ and ‘in-effect’ times to reflect the fix made in the core.
> Icinga Web too comes with a config view, thanks to a new global master
> configuration cronk accessible to appkit_admins. Creating your own
> custom cronks are now easier than ever, with the option to ‘Save’ or
> ‘Save As’ your latest filtered view. The most exciting development
> however, is in the backend. We’ve integrated an in-house extension we
> call Doctrine Query Language (DQL) views that enable advance users and
> devs to design their own cronk modules that collect data from external
> databases and systems – all via the configuration. Check out our wiki on
> using templates to write your own grid-based views!
> Last but not least, we’ve made some users happy – standardizing many of
> Icinga Web’s calculations with those in the Classic UI. These include
> check execution time, problem duration, pending states, performance info
> and more.
> So have fun with Icinga 1.7 and as usual your feedback is always welcome
> on our mailing lists and development tracker. With the new changes,
> packages should be coming soon – so keep your eyes peeled. Cheers to all
> the testers and contributors that have helped make this release happen!
> Below is just a summary of our changes, see our full change logs for
> much more.
> Core
> Avoid insane looping through event list when rescheduling checks
> (Mathias Kettner, Andreas Ericsson) #2182
> Added a lot of configure params to allow easier packaging (refer to
> complete change log)
> Introduce lib/ for modules with new .so extension
> Added nebmodule version/name check for idomod (this allows future
> version dependencies) #2569
> Added trigger_time to downtimes to allow calculating of flexible
> downtimes end time #2537
> Fix scheduled_downtime_depth falsely incremented if in flexible downtime
> with duration<  end-starttime window #2536
> Classic UI
> Added option for max log entries displayed in showlog.cgi #2145
> Added status map resizing with exclude/include button (thanks to Mat) #2186
> Added Javascript to refresh page/pause easier #2119
> Added display_status_totals as cgi.cfg option in order to allow the
> status totals to be shown again #2443
> Added readonly cgi.cfg view into the config section #1776
> Added is_in_effect and trigger_time to downtime view for html, csv, json
> #2538
> Added modified attributes view and reset cmd #2473 #2474
> Fixed status totals are wrong when searching #1524
> Fixed reset forms on return after submitting command #2117
> IDOUtils
> Changed varchar(255) to text in mysql (not cs and address rfc columns) #2181
> Set module info in idomod, to be checked on neb module load in future
> versions #2569
> Change standard string escaping for postgresql queries to use the E’foo’
> notation #1974
> Fixed lob handling in Oracle #2303,#2342
> Fixed OCI-21500 when freeing lobs #2509
> Fixed pgsql unix_timestamp cannot handle timstamp with timezone #2203
> Web
> Control custom cronk creation #2456 (Database upgrade required to 1.7)
> Enabled modify cronk by component #2457
> Added DQL-Views as backend for templates ( #2178 #2426 #2459 #2368 #2056 )
> Overwriting of default cronks are now possible, standalone configuration
> only module #2494
> New Cronk which shows agavi/icinga-web configuration only for
> appkit_admins #2494
> Icinga Web release version in database, select * from nsm_db_version #2096;
> Added check for XSL before running #2564
> Clear cache script configurable #2383
> Striped down library overhead for installation
> Random password generation of auth provider #2578

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