[icinga-devel] Icinga 1.8 released

Michael Friedrich michael.friedrich at gmail.com
Thu Oct 18 15:49:55 CEST 2012

Dear Icinga community,

We are proud to announce that Icinga 1.8 is now out for download! Just 
visit www.icinga.org and follow the download button.

When you update this time round, please check the following SQL scripts 
for your idoutils database upgrade: module/idoutils/db/<yourrdbms>/upgrade/

For configuration file changes, check the following for added/removed 
config options:

Core & Classic UI: sample-config/updates/

IDOUtils: module/idoutils/config/updates

This release features many enhancements to performance and usability in 
all areas of the project. Especially for large environments, the ability 
to configure limits to the check_result list optimizes check result 
processing. Notifications can be deactivated with expiry times, program 
wide and a host of bugs have been fixed.

Classic UI has satisfied many feature requests in the community 
including those for predefined periods in the log search, date picker 
dialogues, global refresh in the tactical header and a new command to 
delete downtimes of a host and its related services. Of them all, we are 
most excited with the new pagination feature and regex-based 
configuration search.

In Icinga Web we’ve enlarged and improved the status map and integrated 
events into grids, clearing the icon clutter while making more 
information on hosts and services available at a click. Permissions for 
Cronks and categories can now be edited in the front end, and new 
credentials model should lead to a faster interface experience.

Icinga Reporting brought the most developments of all. Check out the new 
morning reports for an overview of the last 24 hours, and new-look 
monitoring template with predefined time periods (last week, month, 
year) just a click away. Importantly, we’ve improved interoperability 
with PostgreSQL and now support the latest JasperServer 4.7. Performance 
has also been addressed with a new SQL procedure for faster SLA aggregation.

Last but not least, Icinga Docs also received a makeover with tables of 
contents added to each section for easier navigation. You will also find 
a section dedicated to packages, to help with upgrades and installation.

So, we welcome you to download Icinga 1.8 and share your thoughts on it 
with us on the mailing lists (http://www.icinga.org/support/) or via 
feedback (http://feedback.icinga.org). Thanks all who submitted their 
patches, ideas and votes - your participation has helped make this 
release a great one!


Team Icinga


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