[icinga-devel] Resetting Icinga Web master branch

Markus Frosch markus at lazyfrosch.de
Thu Apr 4 17:12:01 CEST 2013

Hello all,
we will start using the Git flow model for Icinga Web in the future.

Due to this the new branch "next" has been introduced some weeks ago.

>From now on "master" will be the branch for the current released version of
Icinga Web, plus any fixes coming with the next minor release.

Unfortunately master is currently in a bit of development state, and we
have reset it to the current state of the 1.8 branch.

More details about git handling in the future should be available soon on
the wiki.

For all devs and users with a local clone of our git it will be required to
delete your local master branch and do reset the branch to current

( make sure you are on master and your remote is named origin )
$ git fetch
$ git branch
$ git reset --hard origin/master

Markus Frosch
Icinga Dev Team

Markus Frosch
markus at lazyfrosch.de
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