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Schmiechen, Sarah schmiecs at iu.edu
Thu Aug 8 15:54:07 CEST 2013


I'm getting ready to create a patch for this, but I'm confused about the
git Changelog part. (This is my first time doing a git commit, so pardon
my lack of knowledge). Is this something I create locally, that somehow
gets passed along with my patch? Or is this a step I skip, that a
developer will do for me on your main branch?


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On 7/25/13 4:50 PM, "Michael Friedrich" <michael.friedrich at gmail.com>

>On 25.07.2013 21:09, Schmiechen, Sarah wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> I'm a fairly new user of Icinga and Icinga-web. I've noticed that the
>> logout text for Icinga-Web 1.9.3 (in English) reads a little oddly,
>> and I opened a ticket for it:
>> https://dev.icinga.org/issues/4458
>> I'd be happy to try and submit a patch for it via git. I haven't
>> submitted a patch to an open source project before, so I wasn't sure
>> how to go about it ­ whether I need to give people a heads up, get any
>> account permissions, get approval for the change, etc. Any info
>> appreciated!
>We'll appreciate any patch input, either directly attached to the
>mailinglists, or yet better - attached to a newly opened issue, as you
>already did. We're organizing development, ressources and user's
>feedback throughout on https://dev.icinga.org so it's best to stick with
>that. There's isn't any github pull request option yet but that's merely
>for the reason why - we already have our development infrastructure, we
>cannot organize 2 platforms currently.
>So in terms of your question - the general developer guidelines explain
>how to create such a patch.
>Having that said - if you're used to git, just create patches based on
>your commits and attach them to your issue.
>Details where to change that on the issue itsself.
>kind regards,
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