[icinga-devel] combined hostgroups

Franky Van Liedekerke liedekef at telenet.be
Thu Feb 7 12:59:35 CET 2013


for a specific service, one can define the hostgroups like this:

hostgroup_name groupA,groupB,!groupC

which means: all hosts in group A or B, but none of those in group C

Now the question:
I have all servers in devel, qual and prod groups, some of those are 
also in a group webservers for which I want the same services. Some 
checks need different options between dev, qual and prod, so I created 
different commands for those.

Now, how can I say that I want a specific service to be executed for 
all hosts that are in group devel and are also in group webservers (the 
intersection of the 2 groups)?

Something like:

hostgroup_name groupA+groupB

would be nice to have ...


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