[icinga-devel] Fedora/EPEL Packages

René Koch (ovido) r.koch at ovido.at
Tue Mar 5 13:14:56 CET 2013

Hi Michael,

On Mon, 2013-03-04 at 15:00 +0100, Michael Friedrich wrote:
> Hi,
> sorry for the late reply, I'm even more busy here than in Vienna ;-)
> On 20.02.2013 15:30, René Koch (ovido) wrote:
> > I want to shortly introduce myself as I'm new on this list: My name is
> > René and I'm working as a consultant for Virtualization,
> > Systemmanagement and Monitoring (Icinga) and Linux (mainly RHEL, but
> > also other Linux distributions) in Vienna.
> And we already met on last years OSMC :)

And will possibly meet on OSDC if you're attending :)

> >
> > I noticed that Icinga is still not included in Fedora (and EPEL) as an
> > official package, as the Fedora guys requested SELinux support and
> > there's also no maintainer for the package request, yet:
> > https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=693608
> Yep, that's true. Been fighting on this area while having plenty of 
> other construction sites...
> The general idea was to bring the Icinga provided spec file into shape 
> for both, repoforge and upstream. Keeping a single location for 
> changesets and users may switch/rebuild when needed to.
> >
> > As I can see Dirk Götz created a policy for Fedora 17 and full SELinux
> > support should be included in Icinga 1.9:
> > https://dev.icinga.org/issues/2921
> It's an idea to get it done for 1.9, but it may happen later as well. 
> Targetting 1.9 is just the main reminder for everyone capable of 
> implementing it.
> >
> > I would like to help you in getting Icinga into Fedora and EPEL (can do
> > this as a package maintainer) and also in improving SELinux support (for
> > RHEL 6 and Fedora 18/19).
> :-)
> how about el5?

I don't see RHEL 5 as a primary goal, but can be done (maybe in a second
step), too...

> >
> > Please let me know if you need assistance here.
> I would really appreciate it if you could do a review on both, Icinga 
> and Icinga Web in regards of

Will start with Icinga and go for Icinga-Web as a second step...

> - does the spec file meet the requirements of rhel upstream (if not, 
> please open issues on the dev tracker for it and/or providing fixes)

Tried to create RPMs from SPEC on Fedora 18 yesterday night which worked
well (also with the Fedora build service koji), but there's a glitch in
the SPEC which don't let you install icinga and icinga-gui on one host,
as both RPMs want to install /var/log/icinga/gui (which conflicts in
this case) - will open a bug report for this and also provide a fix.

> - which selinux policies should be created (my guess is 2 fedora 
> releases, and 2 rhel ones)?

Policies need to be maintained for 3 Fedora version when Icinga is
approved as a package: 2 stable ones and the upcoming version - at this
stage I will go for Fedora 18 (latest stable) first...
RHEL would be 6 and 5.

> - update the selinux policies Dirk already created, and push them into a 
> (git) patch

Will test Icinga with SELinux (targeted mode) on Fedora 18 this week and
have a look on needed policy adjustments as well.

Is there a test plan for testing new Icinga versions before releasing I
can use for testing SELinux support?
MUST: Login to Icinga-GUI
MUST: Acknowledge service problems
MUST: ...
MAY: PostgreSQL support for SLA history data

> - if possible, take the rhel bug and sponsor the package once it's done.

Can't sponsor it yet, as I haven't done packaging for Fedora in an
official way yet. But will try to act as a maintainer for the package
and find a sponsor...

> - final step - join the icinga package team for easier communication on 
> future release updates/changesets

Howto? :)

> I've added Dirk on CC to join the discussion.
> thanks,
> Michael


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