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sorry for the delay, cebit flow was exciting but right on - recovering ...

On 05.03.2013 13:14, René Koch (ovido) wrote:
>> And we already met on last years OSMC :)
> And will possibly meet on OSDC if you're attending :)

Yep, I've rescheduled some todos and will be attending this years OSDC 
(as well as Puppet Camp too). So we might hand there a bit as well if 
you like ;)

>> how about el5?
> I don't see RHEL 5 as a primary goal, but can be done (maybe in a second
> step), too...

Well since rhel offers support til 2017 or something, it will still be a 
question on existing setups (migration from nagios e.g.).

We should add packages for it since we know thanks to repoforge that el5 
with php53 suits our needs for icinga web as well as icinga itsself is 
also happy with mysql 5.x and pgsql 8.4 (8.1 is already eol).

It's more of a general idea, that's why the icinga web package is also 
somehow "scripted" to make the php requirement name suitable for all 
platforms (el5, el6).

>>> Please let me know if you need assistance here.
>> I would really appreciate it if you could do a review on both, Icinga
>> and Icinga Web in regards of
> Will start with Icinga and go for Icinga-Web as a second step...

Perfect, thank you.

>> - does the spec file meet the requirements of rhel upstream (if not,
>> please open issues on the dev tracker for it and/or providing fixes)
> Tried to create RPMs from SPEC on Fedora 18 yesterday night which worked
> well (also with the Fedora build service koji), but there's a glitch in
> the SPEC which don't let you install icinga and icinga-gui on one host,
> as both RPMs want to install /var/log/icinga/gui (which conflicts in
> this case) - will open a bug report for this and also provide a fix.

Oh. That must have slipped in when I had enabled the cmd.cgi logging for 
the packages in the past - which I think is a feature suitable for all 
users and not many of them actually know about this one. Main difference 
to the external command logging - you'll get the username and address as 
well in order to see who fired the command to reschedule a check e.g.

Thanks for the patch, will apply it soon. Wondering why it did not 
happen with my centos box.

>> - which selinux policies should be created (my guess is 2 fedora
>> releases, and 2 rhel ones)?
> Policies need to be maintained for 3 Fedora version when Icinga is
> approved as a package: 2 stable ones and the upcoming version - at this
> stage I will go for Fedora 18 (latest stable) first...
> RHEL would be 6 and 5.

Ok, thanks for the information.

>> - update the selinux policies Dirk already created, and push them into a
>> (git) patch
> Will test Icinga with SELinux (targeted mode) on Fedora 18 this week and
> have a look on needed policy adjustments as well.
> Is there a test plan for testing new Icinga versions before releasing I
> can use for testing SELinux support?
> e.g.
> MUST: Login to Icinga-GUI
> MUST: Acknowledge service problems
> MUST: ...
> MAY: PostgreSQL support for SLA history data

Hmmm not really for selinux. There are some general tests within t/ 
(call 'make test' in order to compile/run them), as well as some general 
testcases for issues (the idea is to trigger old bugs being still 
resolved on runtime, since the inner functions inherited from nagios as 
fork do not really qualify as unit testable - rewrite and encapsulation 
necessary, one reason for icinga2).

If you require some plans for actions to trigger selinux policies, we 
can sure work something out and also add it upstream, if applicable.

>> - if possible, take the rhel bug and sponsor the package once it's done.
> Can't sponsor it yet, as I haven't done packaging for Fedora in an
> official way yet. But will try to act as a maintainer for the package
> and find a sponsor...

That's fine. You probably will have more time/contacts in this area than 
me, and once you've taken the packaging stuff, I might re-assign my 
ressources to 1.x and 2.x development which will help the icinga project 
a lot :-)

>> - final step - join the icinga package team for easier communication on
>> future release updates/changesets
> Howto? :)

Rather easy, but first, let's get to work :) I'll keep in touch with the 
details later on.

kind regards,

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