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Thomas Dressler tdressler at tdressler.net
Sat Jun 21 11:41:52 CEST 2014


Am 21.06.2014 11:16, schrieb Michael Friedrich:
> Hi,
> Core/IDO 1.x doesn't know anything about *group action_url, etc, nor 
> does it about an Icinga 2 extension named 'is_reachable' 
> (dependencies). Since these features are only available with DB IDO 
> MySQL/PostgreSQL, these schemas have been updated to allow all users 
> updating from 1.x to 2.x a smooth migration path.
> If there ever is Oracle support with Icinga 2 we may add these schema 
> extensions as well. But I merely doubt it, the Oracle license forbids 
> us to create/host packages linked against their foo, so it would die 
> alone like the 1.x sources.
I am still talking about the 1.11.5 source tarball. Nothing about 
Icinga2. Nothing about packages. If schema changes are not related to 
Icinga1.x, for me update scripts containing Icinga2 related stuff  are 
more confusing than helping. For ugrading to Icinga2 nobody will 
complain if there will be a bigger schema upgrade from 1.x. And for 
Icinga1.x Oracle is still a supported platform.

For the packaging oracle we should be proper because we link IDO only 
against with the free ocilib shared library, not direct to the oracle 
client.  Therefore no propretary oracle code is used oder linked 
directly by IDO. the Installing and linking ocilib itself  to the 
unclear licensed oracle instantclient we  left to the user resposibility.

> regards,
> Michael

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