[Icinga-devel] [icinga-users] Icinga Web 2 authentication

Michael Friedrich michael.friedrich at gmail.com
Tue Mar 18 10:54:41 CET 2014

On 17.03.2014 14:47, Sherman Lilly wrote:
> This may be a developer question but I will start here and see what happens.

Thanks for testing the early in-development version of Icinga Web 2. 
Please keep in mind, that there is no public release nor any alpha/Beta 
version yet.

So if something breaks, or remains broken, it means no harm, and we 
should work together in fixing this - best by creating a new issue at 

> I have installed Icinga Web 2 and it wasn't easy.

Care to elaborate how?

> I am a seasoned PHP programmer and system administrator and installation needs more work.

There are some issues still open for a) making the install method more 
comfortable b) create a web installer and finally c) create packages.

I am currently working on the c) part for RPMs.


> I would be willing to help but for now I need a working installation.

In any case, when asking here or creating an issue, please provide the 
following information to make the developers and users life easier

- distribution and version
- webserver+version, php version
- additional webserver configuration
- how did you install icingaweb2? (if source, full cmd line. if 
packages, which repo)
- until there is a public release, please extract git HEAD sha1 commit 
(git log -1)
- icingaweb2 configuration changes, if any
- icingaweb2 logs/debuglogs containing insights
- webbrowser dev console with additional errors?

> I have running on my server and the login page comes up. Authenication is the problem. When I try to log in it gives the error that no authentication method works.

Anything on the browser dev console? What is the exact error message? 
Anything on the logs? (I could point you to the path if I would know how 
you did attempt to install it)

> I see the configuration for LDAP but no information on MySQL configuration.

Where? How does it look like?

> I have reviewed the source code and figured out some of the table layouts but I still don't have it quite right. Is there some sql file I am missing?

How did you setup the icingaweb database, and apply the required schemas?

> The reasoning for not using LDAP is the extra overhead.

That's totally fine. The reason why LDAP has been chosen as primary auth 
method is simple: The developers are using a Vagrant Box for their 
development stages (everyone uses the same platform, etc). Within that 
box, openldap is running serving a base schema allowing further 
development on that feature requirement.

But indeed you are correct that the other authentication methods require 
to be tested and implemented as well.

I recently ran into the problem that the db auth was broken too and 
created an issue which had been fixed before cebit. Maybe there's a 
regression that fix in the current git master.


So in order to fix that issue (and not do any nitpicking on db auth vs 
ldap auth!) I'd love to see all the required information outlined above.

Feel free to open an issue on dev.icinga.org in the Icinga Web 2 section 
directly and let developers know.

best regards,

DI (FH) Michael Friedrich

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