[icinga-users] Icinga + Ndoutils

Michael Friedrich michael.friedrich at univie.ac.at
Wed Aug 26 11:21:07 CEST 2009


first of all to clear up the misunderstanding

* NDOUtils for Nagios is an addon which is not really supported yet and 
Version 1.4 has been beta since a long time

* Icinga comes up with improved NDOUtils, called IDOUtils. Reason for 
that is simple - NDO = Nagios Data Output, IDO = Icinga Data Output
IDOUtils are maintained as a core module (module/idoutils) and can 
therefore be installed directly while installing Icinga, just use 
--enable-idoutils in configure

The basic requirements are using the libdbi as database abstraction 
layer which fits better to support more RDBMs. Since it still remains 
compatible to NDOUtils the DB layout and improvements are still the 
same. Currently we are working on the known issues and getting more 
RDBMs to work.

So your turn is just to look up the Quickstart Guide with IDOUtils 
(docs/) and prepare the prerequisites in order to install IDOUtils. As 
John remarked some DB structures are in need of MYSQL 5 so you are 
better be advised to upgrade. For using the libdbi you need the 
following (RHEL e.g.):

libdbi-devel (if configure complains about missing libdbi.h that's the 
package needed!)
libdbi-dbd-mysql (pgsql is optional since it is not yet supported by 

That should do the trick. But do not hesitate to ask, feedback is very 

Is Nagvis the latest version and what kind of errors - afaik nagvis 
checks for ndo2db binary which has to be adapted to ido2db. But please 
open up a new thread for this :-)

Kind regards,

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