[icinga-users] [Feature request/proposal] Hiding (host|service)groups in Web interface

Paul M. Dubuc work at paul.dubuc.org
Fri Aug 28 22:03:01 CEST 2009

Paul M. Dubuc wrote:
> Aleksei Miheev wrote:
>> Hello!
>> I've been using nagios for monitoring a small ISP/HSP network for few
>> years. Now I'm considering switching to icinga and wondering if anyone
>> but me needs this feature. Let me explain briefly.
>> I have about 30 hostgroups now and looks like I need about 20-30 more.
>> Some of them are "organizational" and group hosts by their role,
>> location, people responsible for, etc. And some are used only to
>> bulk-attach services to hosts. 
>> This results in unusably long Hostgroup Overview/Hostgroup Grid pages,
>> so I would like to be able to hide some groups from this output. I see
>> that as setting some parameter in group config:
>> hostgroup hostgroup{
>> 	hostgroup_name 	8-core-servers
>> 	members 	john,paul,george,ringo
>> 	display		no
>> 	}
>> I'm going to try to implement it myself anyway, but I want to ask if
>> anybody needs this, too, or probably something more than this, and if
>> there are any comments/recommendations from anyone.
> Can't you do something with the contacts or contacts_groups to hide services 
> and hosts.  I couldn't find anything about this in the Nagios docs, but 
> Barth's book (p. 70) says that " a user who logs in at the web front end only 
> gets to see hosts and services for which that user is named as a contact."  So 
> you could define a contact that has all the same properties (except the name) 
> as your normal contact (so you still get notifications), but exclude it as a 
> contact from the hosts you want to hide.
> I haven't tried this.  Hope it helps.
> Paul Dubuc

The last sentence isn't clear.  I meant "make it the only contact assigned to 
the hosts you want to hide (and exclude it from those you don't want to 
hide)."  Sorry for any confusion.

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