[icinga-users] Problems with MySQL Icinga and NagVis

Michael Friedrich michael.friedrich at univie.ac.at
Mon Sep 14 19:17:49 CEST 2009


Fritjof wrote:
> Hi,
> since a few days I'm using icinga with nagvis, idoutils and mysql.
> The thing is, that the system causes a high load: 8 - 10.
> But I'm only writing into the database what's necessary for nagvis. I
> don't have the config files here, sorry.
Did you set the appropriate values to the eventbroker needed for IDOMOD 
in the cfg or just the db trimming options?

> I monitor 80 Hosts and 2k Services.
> If I deaktivate idoutils the load goes down 1 - 2.
> Does someone else have the problem or would it better work with postgresql?
It's a "feature" that IDOUtils first writes everything defined in the 
configs to the database. Afterwards, there some kind of housekeeper that 
runs and trims entries older than defined in ido2db.cfg.

You're are welcome to test it with Postgres ... I've run several stress 
tests letting the database trim every minute (that's just for testing 
though) and Postgres has a lot of trouble with insert/update and then a 
following delete. But beware that's just for testing. I would recommend 
that you set the db trimming options e.g. those values:


(we are using only live servicestatus...)

and make sure that the timed_events are not handed over (event broker 

In any case if you try Postgres please get the latest GIT master from 
git.icinga.org (or the next release which has the bugfixes applied) - 
testing and reporting feedback is very welcome! :-)

Kind regards,

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