[icinga-users] Problems with MySQL Icinga and NagVis

Fritjof mailing at alokat.org
Mon Sep 14 21:07:22 CEST 2009

Michael Friedrich wrote:
> Hi,
> Fritjof wrote:
>> Hi,
>> since a few days I'm using icinga with nagvis, idoutils and mysql.
>> The thing is, that the system causes a high load: 8 - 10.
>> But I'm only writing into the database what's necessary for nagvis. I
>> don't have the config files here, sorry.
> Did you set the appropriate values to the eventbroker needed for IDOMOD 
> in the cfg or just the db trimming options?
>> I monitor 80 Hosts and 2k Services.
>> If I deaktivate idoutils the load goes down 1 - 2.
>> Does someone else have the problem or would it better work with postgresql?
> It's a "feature" that IDOUtils first writes everything defined in the 
> configs to the database. Afterwards, there some kind of housekeeper that 
> runs and trims entries older than defined in ido2db.cfg.
> You're are welcome to test it with Postgres ... I've run several stress 
> tests letting the database trim every minute (that's just for testing 
> though) and Postgres has a lot of trouble with insert/update and then a 
> following delete. But beware that's just for testing. I would recommend 
> that you set the db trimming options e.g. those values:
> max_timedevents_age=1440
> max_systemcommands_age=2880
> max_servicechecks_age=50
> max_eventhandlers_age=44640
> (we are using only live servicestatus...)
> and make sure that the timed_events are not handed over (event broker 
> options).
> In any case if you try Postgres please get the latest GIT master from 
> git.icinga.org (or the next release which has the bugfixes applied) - 
> testing and reporting feedback is very welcome! :-)
> Kind regards,
> Michael
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Hi Michael,

thanks for your help.

I'm going to test your configuration... and post the results.

I will test icinga + postgresql with another icinga installation and
give you feedback how it works.



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