[icinga-users] Icinga 1.2 unified stable released!

Michael Friedrich michael.friedrich at univie.ac.at
Wed Oct 6 12:21:23 CEST 2010


Live from OSMC in Nuremberg -- we did it! Icinga 1.2 hits the next level 
of opensource monitoring!

Bringing you the latest Icinga release -- */unified version 1.2 for 
core, classic ui, idoutils, docs, api and web/* :-)

New */Icinga-Web/* features long awaited *PNP4Nagios Integration* (have 
a look in etc/contrib/) and missing *comments integrated into hosts and 
services view*. Next to that we've added *PENDING states to reflect 
checks not yet executed* while the *live search for objects performs 
excellent*. Having trouble with upgrading and overwritten? This is now 
history, *place your custom configuration into site xml files which 
won't get overwritten*! We have also added *new translations* and a 
*fresh icon set* for your pleasure.

/*Icinga Classic UI*/ is not dead -- we've added more great features and 
enhancements: *multiple delete for downtimes and comments* is now 
available. Ever wanted *CSV Output on all CGIs*, not parsing HTML 
Output? We just did it, watch out for "Export to CSV" within the Classic 
UI! Thanks to Jochen Bern, the *config command expander* is now 
integrated and will help you in "translating" check_command and 
command_line to the shell command Icinga core will attempt to execute. 
*Comments are now tooltips* on status.cgi -- this nice enhancement has 
also been added to *beautified cmd.cgi*. The *menu* has been reworked a 
bit, adding *unhandled problems* again. Next to that, *several fixes for 
Solaris segfaults* and the complete *drop of php as a dependency* for 
the Classic UI.

*/Icinga Core/* does *not skip hostchecks anymore, if servicechecks 
disabled*. Furthermore, *scheduled downtime notifications are not sent 
anymore on restart/reload*. An *eventhandler override* has been added to 
in order to support mod_gearman. The *core dumps on Solaris and gcc3 are 
all resolved*! Meanwhile, */Icinga IDOUtils/* had a significant *forking 
problem when the database connection was not available. Debugged and 
fixed*. Hooray!

Last, but not least -- /*Icinga documentation*/ in English and German 
features *a lot of changes* invoked through ongoing development, but 
also several new sections as mentioned for *Icinga Web Introduction, 
Icinga Web REST API* or even complete *docs on external commands* for 
Icinga Core.

A new /*reporting package*/ for Jasper has been in the works -- we've 
added docs and a first package while shipping Icinga 1.2!

We hope you enjoy Icinga 1.2 <http://sourceforge.net/projects/icinga/> 
and love it as we do =)

Feedback <http://feedback.icinga.org>, feature requests or bug reports 
<https://dev.icinga.org> much appreciated!

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