[icinga-users] Icinga Appliance

Scott Freemire SFreemire at ticketsnow.com
Fri Oct 22 23:42:11 CEST 2010

I am having trouble running the icinga-demo virtual appliance on my
VMware 4.0 environment.


Apparently it is a virtualbox appliance. I have used the instructions
at: http://www.ctrip.ufl.edu/howto-convert-virtualbox-to-vmware as a
starting point for converting the ovf file into a vmx for VMware. There
was not enough information there and it took some fine tuning with
information from the examples in
to get the modified ovf file to successfully build a new vmx file using


After the new vmx file was created we ran it through VMware Converter
(Enterprise) and were then able to export the appliance to the ESX
server and start it up.


It picked up an IP and I can SSH to it - but there is no console or web
access. -Any ideas?


Should the web interface work just by hitting its IP?


Has anyone else gotten this to work - either in VirtualBox or VMware?





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