[icinga-users] Service and Host Acknowledgements via E-Mail-reply - RFC - correct version

David Heidt david at kulturbeutel.org
Thu Sep 2 15:48:21 CEST 2010

Hi all,


pasting script files in emails is not a good idea, i know now...
the correct version is now accessible on pastebin.

this is a (actually working) idea of how Acknowledgements can be reached
by replying to Notification-emails:


*  you know how to configure your smtp and you know how mailservers work
in general
*  your icinga-server has its smtp configured for mail sending AND receiving
*  maildrop filtering language is enabled as delivery method
*  icinga-user must have a home (usually /usr/local/icinga)
*  .mailfilter must be in icingas home with mode 600
*  Change the notify-service-by-email command : replace HOSTALIAS with
HOSTNAME in the subject

Then, enable  maildrop-filter:


content here: http://pastebin.com/MKF4ixrs

Now, when you receive a Service or Host Problem Notification, simply
reply to the mail.
You may add an "ack <your comment>"-line to the body ot the reply.
If correctly configured, Icinga will handle it as problem acknowledgement.

Of course this could be done with procmail or even fetchmail, in similar

PLEASE NOTE: If you are using this mailfilter, you are opening a
possible security-hole to your icinga-system! Though I put some
securitychecks to the mailfilter,  i cannot guarantee that this is a
completely safe thing!

Feel free to comment, criticize or improve.

Best regards,


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