[icinga-users] nagstamon and icinga 1.0.3

Peter Hinse loco at d0pefish.de
Wed Sep 8 13:10:54 CEST 2010

Hi all,

I stopped the migration from Nagios 3.2.0 to Icinga 1.0.3 since the
wonderful nagstamon [1] tool does not work.

The nagstamon developer says:

> I alreday got some mail regarding this issue and have it on my todo
> list. I think they changed something in the final HTML structure on the
> services page which nagstamon seems not being able to parse as it does
> with original Nagios generated pages. The pages get parsed in
> nagstamonObjects.py in method GetStatusNagios() from class NagiosServer.
> There simply needs to be a modified version for Icinga I think. At the
> moment I am not able to do this because of a bunch of other work to do
> but I hope I will be able to do so in some weeks.

Any python-savvy folk here who has an interest in building a patch for

[1] http://nagstamon.sourceforge.net/


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