[icinga-users] Monitoring Cheap Switch

Julian Hein jhein at netways.de
Wed Sep 8 10:14:17 CEST 2010


Am 08.09.10 09:05 schrieb "Richie Schut" unter <r at trecpro.com>:

> I need to monitor a 24 port switch on our network.  The problem is that
> it does not have any IP.  It is basically invisible.  I thought when I
> was first reading about Icinga that there was some sort of mode that
> could use prediction to determine if the switch was working properly.  I
> am running Icinga 1.0.1 on a Ubuntu Server 2.6.31-22.

Well, there is no way that something invisible can be monitored, even not
with Icinga. You need to be able to at least trigger something from the

If this is not possible, I can only think of a workaround: You could attach
something that is cheap but has a high availability, e.g. A WiFi Access
Point. You than monitor the access point by cable IP and WiFi IP. If both
Ips go down, you know it is the access point, if only the cable IP goes
down, you know it is the switch.

Maybe an idea.


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