[icinga-users] Problems getting Icinga Web Working

Chris Cowley Chris.Cowley at snellgroup.com
Mon Sep 13 10:17:19 CEST 2010

I had exactly that error message and it turned out that my version of PCRE was too old. :ook at the "Utter Ramblings" repo. That will get you a newer version of PHP than is in Centos without having to fiddle around. If you prefer to build from source (like me) then I can make my SRPMS available to you (and everyone else).

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Thanks for the response, Jannis.

I'm using the 1.0.3 release; I'll pull down the git master and see if that makes any difference.

The only error I'm seeing in the error_log is the following:

 PHP Warning:  preg_match() [<a href='function.preg-match'>function.preg-match</a>]: Compilation failed: unrecognized character after (? at offset 2 in /x/icinga-web/lib/agavi/src/util/AgaviDecimalFormatter.class.php on line 715, referer: http://d-scf-tadamec/icinga-web/

That's the message that led me to the postings about custom compilation of PHP.


On Sep 10, 2010, at 12:45 AM, Jannis Moßhammmer wrote:

> Hi,
> first of all - which version are you using? The current git master or 
> the 1.0.3 release?
> If you're using 1.0.3 i'd recommend you to switch to the current git 
> master, as we fixed a lot of bug, and - more important - improved error 
> logging.
> Do you receive any messages in the httpd error log?
> Regards,
> Jannis
> On 09.09.2010 22:21, Adamec, Tim wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I tweeted yesterday about a problem I was having getting icinga-web up and running for a project and was directed here for some help. I have to say, great response idea with Twitter; I never would have thought of it.
>> Anyway, I have a project I'm working on and have specced Icinga as a monitoring end-point in our environment. Our standard build is Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4 with minimal packages installed in the production environment. I'm building my proof-of-concept on my development machine running CentOS 5.4 with a base set of packages to match, plus development tools and assorted other packages that won't be on the regular production machines.
>> I've been successful in getting the base Icinga suite running, including the CGI-based interface, but the Web package is giving me fits. Everything appears to install correctly, I can get the login page, but the stock "root/password" login refuses to authenticate. I've tried doing the "make icinga-reset-password" from the build directory several times, and even tried to insert a password manually using a salted SHA256 HMAC; nothing seems to work.
>> I've found a couple of notes on the web stating that PCRE 7.2 is a minimum requirement. I've installed PHP 5.2.x from the EPEL testing repository, and tried compiling PHP from source into my own directory with a statically-linked PCRE 8.x build and that didn't seem to work either.
>> Any hints?
>> Thanks!
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