[icinga-users] no data in icinga-web

John Larsen john.larsen at addolux.com
Tue Aug 30 04:07:37 CEST 2011


I am very new to this and have spent a lot of time going through the documentation. I still cannot figure this one out.

I had installed core with IDOUtils
then installed new web frontend.

However, the problem I am having is core doesn't seem to be writing data to icinga database so that icinga-web can pull from. I am not exactly sure how it works because the docs seem to be scattered on this subject. I am assuming the ido2db is responsible for pushing data from core to incinga database. I have configured contacts, hosts, commands and services within /usr/local/icinga/etc/ and while I can see this data in the cgi web, there is nothing in the tables on icinga db for icinga-web to draw from.

Any ideas what i might be missing?

running ubuntu server with php, mysql

icinga-core 1.4.2
icinga-web 1.5.1



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