[icinga-users] icinga-web (1.5.0) - corrupt html on service output

Philipp Herz - Profihost AG p.herz at profihost.ag
Tue Aug 30 13:09:08 CEST 2011


we are receiving html service output from check_nrpe/check_multi which 
is correctly saved to the database after changing `icinga_logentries` to 

After upgrading icinga-web to 1.5.0 (also 1.5.1) logentries seem to be 
truncated a little bit different, resulting in corrupted html on the 
ServiceStatus tab. With icinga-web (1.4.1) this error was never visible 
to me;-)

Right now the only solution to keep interface usable is to disable 
column "Output".

Is there a way to avoid breaking rendered html output?

Maybe a custom (user defined) filter or parser can sanatize data before 
handing it over to the renderer?

It would be nice to get any hints or a starting point.


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