[icinga-users] Notification Intervall is ignored

Kai Timmer email at kaitimmer.de
Mon Dec 3 11:15:21 CET 2012

I use a service definition like this:

define service{
  name                      service_template
  register                  0

  is_volatile               0
  flap_detection_enabled    1
  flap_detection_options    o,w,c,u
  notifications_enabled     1
  process_perf_data         0
  active_checks_enabled     1
  passive_checks_enabled    1
  check_period              24x7

  notifications_enabled     1
  notification_period       24x7
  notification_options      w,u,c,r
  notification_interval     120
  max_check_attempts        6
  retry_interval            5
  check_interval            10
  first_notification_delay  0
  contact_groups            admins
define service {
name              nrpe_service_template_check_disk
use              service_template

servicegroups            system-health

notification_options       c,r
max_check_attempts    2
check_interval              60
retry_interval                15
register                        0
define service {
use               nrpe_service_template_check_disk
check_command          nrpe_windows_check!check_disk_e
description           disk_e
host_name              host1
define host{
use                       host_template
host_name                 host1
alias                     wsus.intern.chemmedia.de
parents                esx01

host_groups          os-windows, orga-internal-services

For some reason, from the disk check, I get notifications every 30
minutes and not every 2 hours as i intended. Can anyone tell my why
that happens?

Thanks for your help,
Kai Timmer            | E-Mail: email at kaitimmer.de
Chemnitzer Linux-Tage | http://chemnitzer.linux-tage.de

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