[icinga-users] Icinga-Web: Filtering by multiple CustomVariables or Hostgroups

Marx, Stefan stefan.marx at topalis.com
Mon Dec 10 09:41:16 CET 2012


is there a possibility to build a filter or view that shows me all hosts belonging to hostgroup A AND to hostgroup B? Or is this possible by using custom variables? The "Modify Filter" dropdown allows to use every parameter just once , at least it seems so. Will this be possible by building a custom cronk? If yes, is there a pointer to some kind of documentation how to do this?

What I want to achieve is building some kind of "tag"-system for hosts (and services) where I can easily select the objects I want to look at by building a filter, e.g. like in "show me all hosts from site a, which are in the mailserver group and in the linux OS-group.". If there is another or recommended way to do this, I would like to hear it ;-).



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