[icinga-users] host_name and availability reports

Simon Oosthoek soosthoek at nieuwland.nl
Thu Dec 20 10:00:12 CET 2012


Recently I was confronted by the problem in our nagios server that the 
long term statistics (pnp4nagios graphics) are fully dependent on the 
host_name. If I change the host_name (and I did!) the previously 
recorded data was inaccessible from the WUI.

Does icinga have this same problem?

As a bit of context, some of our customers are governmental 
organisations and they have a legal requirement on us to provide certain 
availability statistics for their services. I had to hack a script to 
infer this from the archive logs, because I couldn't access the recorded 
statistics anymore in the normal way.

BTW, this sort of thing would be easily avoided if each host would get a 
unique identifier of some sort to record their data with.
Is this the reason icinga has "display_name" in addition to host_name?



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