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Michael Friedrich michael.friedrich at gmail.com
Wed Dec 5 00:34:44 CET 2012

On 2012-12-04 22:30, Daniel Parthey wrote:
> Simon Oosthoek wrote:
>> On 12/03/2012 11:01 PM, Daniel Parthey wrote:
>>> Simon Oosthoek wrote:
>>>> Currently we monitor the link, the ports on the switches, etc. but
>>>> there's no overview of all these separate services... It would be nice
>>>> to be able to codify the specific bits (port x on switch a, port y on
>>>> switch b, link d, device e) as a single "hostgroup" or "service group"
>>>> to easily see which bit of the service might be the cause of lost
>>>> connectivity.
>>> Possibly the Nagios Business Process AddOn fits your needs?
>>> http://bp-addon.monitoringexchange.org/
>>> It should allow you to link selected services
>>> with logical expressions to one "meta-service"
>>> which tells you whether the "neighbor's uplink"
>>> works.
>> Thanks, I didn't think of that one. I'll check it out, it looks more or
>> less like what we need. Too bad the demo page of that site is broken...
> Well, login to https://nagios.demo.netways.de/nagios/ using guest:guest
> and look for "Business Process View" as well as "Business Impact".
> When you click on it, it says: Nagios Business Process AddOn, Version 0.9.6

you'll find a demo install in a vm i created for tf-noc meeting in june, 
if you find that applicable as demo as well. keep in mind that there's 
no support for that, as this was done in my sparetime for the terena 

the wiki howto was written when installing that vm.

> Regards
> Daniel

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