[icinga-users] Bug visual logo ICINGA

Antonio Rodrÿffffffffffedguez ajrbarrios at yahoo.es
Wed Feb 1 08:51:39 CET 2012

Thank you, but I can not find  the parameterss show_tac_header_pending  into cfi.cfg. My Icinga version is 1.6.1

 De: Matthew Brooks <matthew at sonomatechpartners.com>
Para: icinga-users at lists.sourceforge.net 
Enviado: Martes 31 de enero de 2012 22:32
Asunto: Re: [icinga-users] Bug visual logo ICINGA

On Tue, Jan 31, 2012 at 05:51, Michael Friedrich <michael.friedrich at univie.ac.at> wrote:
Antonio Rodrÿffffffffffedguez wrote:
>> With my screen  resolution (1152x864) the logo appears correctly, but
>> the default configuration for the users is 1024x768.
>1024x768 is rather small and might create overlapping. try replacing the
>icinga logo (Icinga_TAC_Header_Webinterface.jpg)  with 1x1 transparent
>image, if you don't need that.

1024x768 can start getting tight once you cross into having 3 and 4 digit counts.

Another option that might help would be to not display pending in the tac header to reduce how much width is needed by the counts on the left. You can do that by editing /usr/local/icinga/etc/cgi.cfg and changing s=1 to show_tac_header_pending=0

Seeing pending isn't usually an immediate need so you won't miss it not being there and you can still see the number of pending from the tac overview.


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