[icinga-users] Scheduler Issue

Kransdorf, Geoffrey W geoffrey.w.kransdorf at baml.com
Mon Feb 6 07:16:13 CET 2012



We are using Icinga 1.4.1 to kick off various system checks in a fairly
large configuration.  All of the checks are Active Checks (No passive
checks).  But we are seeing a strange problem.  If the timeperiod is
"legal" during the Icinga process startup (i.e. if a service can be
scheduled starting from that time), than it will be scheduled.  But, if
the first "legal" time to run the process is in the future, then Icinga
will not schedule it, either now or later.


For example, imagine that you have three timeperiods in timeperiods.cfg:


define timeperiod{

        timeperiod_name 24x7

        alias           24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week

        sunday          00:00-24:00

        monday          00:00-24:00

        tuesday         00:00-24:00

        wednesday       00:00-24:00

        thursday        00:00-24:00

        friday          00:00-24:00

        saturday        00:00-24:00



define timeperiod{

        timeperiod_name workhours

        alias           Monday-Friday days

        monday          08:00-17:00

        tuesday         08:00-17:00

        wednesday       08:00-17:00

        thursday        08:00-17:00

        friday          08:00-17:00



define timeperiod{

        timeperiod_name offhours

        alias           Not Monday-Saturday during work

        sunday          00:00-24:00

        monday          00:00-07:00,20:00-24:00

        tuesday         00:00-07:00,20:00-24:00

        wednesday       00:00-07:00,20:00-24:00

        thursday        00:00-07:00,20:00-24:00

        friday          00:00-07:00,20:00-24:00

        saturday        00:00-07:00,20:00-24:00



Now, imagine that at 14:00 (2:00pm) on Monday, you stop Icinga, delete
retention.dat and restart Icinga.  The 24x7 services can be scheduled
right away and will be run.  The services with a checkperiod of
"workhours" can also be scheduled right away and will be run.  But the
services scheduled for "offhours" cannot be run yet.  Icinga *should*
schedule them for a time after 20:00 (either right now or after 20:00
comes).  But, in fact, what it seems to do is to flag them in status.dat
as "should_be_scheduled=0" and they show up in the web interface as
"service is not scheduled to be checked..."  This is not updated-after
20:00 or ever.  These services just don't get scheduled and aren't ever


If you restart Icinga after 20:00 with "retain schedules" turned on,
then the offhours timeperiod is "legal" and it will update the missing
offhours schedule entries.  But that is kind of a workaround hack.  Is
there something that could be changed in the configuration to enable
Icinga to correctly schedule everything when it starts-even the
timeperiods that are not ready to run yet?  Or is this just kind of a


This seems like a fairly simple question, but I haven't seen it
addressed anywhere, either in the online docs or in the support groups.
So any insight would be very useful.


Thanks very much,


Geoff Kransdorf

Tokyo Japan




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