[icinga-users] Truncated HTML tables in outages.cgi and notifications.cgi with icinga 1.6.1 on FreeBSD 8.2...

Martin Gignac martin.gignac at gmail.com
Wed Feb 15 01:46:25 CET 2012


Having just recently heard about the Icinga fork, I've recently installed
an Icinga 1.6.1 instance with the Icinga "Classic" GUI to compare it with
our long running Nagios 3.3.1 system. So far I really enjoy the look of the
Icinga CGIs and think their added features are very useful. However, I've
run into some issues with two of CGIs when displaying HTML tables and I'd
like to enquire if I am the only one having experienced such a behavior or
if others have observed this as well.

I've found that when Icinga detects two network outages and I try to view
them in the Network Outages view (using the outages.cgi) the second row of
the HTML table listing the outages is either truncated (showing only one or
a few of the cells in the second row) or completely missing (depending on
the blocking nodes involved in the outage). Changing the hostname seems to
affect the truncation "point". I've attached a screenshot in case they are
allowed in the mailing list:

[image: truncated_outages.png]

I've also noticed a similar behavior in the notifications.cgi which also
(sometimes) truncates the table of notifications; when going through
archived logs some notification pages contain the complete notifications
table while others contain only a truncated table. The issue is constant
for a given archived log file, meaning that when the notifications.cgi
parses a given archived log file for notifications, the result is either
always complete or truncated. Changing browsers or refreshing the page does
not affect whether or not the table is truncated. Below is a screenshot of

[image: truncated_notifications.png]

In both the outages.cgi and notifications.cgi case a Wireshark trace shows
the HTML payload truncated in the HTTP response.

I'll probably take a look at the CGI C code if no one else has seen this
before (but since I don't know C it may be a fruitless task). I may also
try it on another OS to see if the problems follows or not.


*System specs: FreeBSD 8.2, Icinga 1.6.1 (compiled from source), Apache
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