[icinga-users] Timeperiods - generic Good Friday?

Tim.Kimball at sungard.com Tim.Kimball at sungard.com
Tue Feb 21 06:31:24 CET 2012

Morning all,

I'm in the process of adding three holidays to your default exclude (since NYSE/NASD are offline on those days):

-> Martin Luther King Jr Day
-> President's Day / Washington's B-Day
-> Good Friday (U.S. version)

I've got the first two figured out and added (included at end of email), but I'm having trouble with the last one.

Good Friday is based off Easter, and Easter appears to be based off a lunar calendar.  Wikipedia is not helping as much here, since the calculation section is very complicated.  Web search is not turning up anything specific either.

Any guidance here is appreciated; Adding specific (mmddyy) style days in the 'holiday' exclude is still possible, but I'm trying hard to avoid that.

Also, any idea if someone is/was working on a 'generic' internal calculation for days like this?  What I'd love is set Good Friday to something like 'easter -2' and it would be figured out at startup/reload.  Which Easter chosen would depend on cfg file, or the system's defined TZ.

Currently using Icinga 1.6.1 (Classic Web + IDO, Gearman, PnP) installed on RH 5.


Timothy S Kimball 
tim.kimball at sungard.com

-----===== new entries for us-holiday timeperiod =====-----

 # Martin Luther King Jr day (3rd Mon in Jan)
 monday 3 january   00:00-00:00     

 # Prez Day / Wash. B-Day (3rd Mon in Feb)
 monday 3 february  00:00-00:00     

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