[icinga-users] scheduled downtime question

Andreas Schnederle-Wagner - Futureweb.at schnederle at futureweb.at
Thu Feb 9 10:08:18 CET 2012

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>>Andreas Schnederle-Wagner - Futureweb.at wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> got a little Question about scheduled downtimes.
>> Yesterday night we entered a flexible downtime on a few services for 
>> maintenance.
>> Today I checked the Icinga Status of those Services - everything looks 
>> fine except for one Service - in the "Service View" of Icinga Classic 
>> GUI there is a grey downtime sign which tells me "This host is 
>> currently in a period of scheduled downtime".
>> The Service with this sign is the only one which actually noticed the 
>> scheduled downtime - all other haven't set a "actual end" time - so I 
>> guess the downtime was too short for them to notice.
>> But why does this single Service still show me the downtime sign?!? 
>> (scheduled downtime start time was 09.02.2012 00:42; endtime: 
>> 09.02.2010 02:42)
>> Hope someone can help me on this?
>for gui problems which are not describable in text prosa - screenshots.


Here is the Screenshot: http://temp.in.futureweb.at/icinga/downtime1.jpg
Here some more information: http://temp.in.futureweb.at/icinga/downtime2.jpg

When I look into "System --> Downtime" within Classic it won't show me anything.


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