[icinga-users] New web package installation woes

Andy Dills andy at xecu.net
Mon Feb 13 18:19:33 CET 2012

Well, finally had some luck by looking up Agavi and what php modules I 

Turns out I needed DOM (which led to new errors). And then I discovered I 
needed XSL (and yet more errors, but at least it was in the web browser). 
>From which I discovered I needed PDO.

And now I just figured out that I need PDO-mysql.

And after that I learned I needed the php JSON module.

And now it's finally presenting me with a login!

For future reference (especially for FreeBSD users, as the php port is 
typically built pretty minimally), here's the list of modules I finally 
had to have installed to get things working:



On Mon, 13 Feb 2012, Andy Dills wrote:

> Hi there,
> I'm in the process of setting up icinga (with the new web interface) to 
> replace an ancient nagios system.
> My OS of choice is FreeBSD. 
> I've got icinga installed, I've got the web package installed, I've got 
> the IDOutils installed. Icinga is running, ido2db is running, apache is 
> configured.
> When I try to bring up the site, I get a blank page. This is what I see in 
> the httpd error log:
> PHP Fatal error: Configuration file  
> "/usr/local/icinga-web/app/config/autoload.xml" does not have a registered  
> handler in /usr/local/icinga-web/lib/agavi/src/core/Agavi.class.php on line 63
> My googling only turns up some ancient things that don't seem relevant.
> I'm sure it's something stupid that I'm missing due to my unfamiliarity 
> with icinga, but I'm not having any luck figuring out what that is.
> Any suggestions?
> Thanks,
> Andy
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