[icinga-users] Icinga check_postgres.pl

Christian Gebler geblerchristian at googlemail.com
Fri Mar 2 11:13:05 CET 2012


i want to check whether my postgreSQL-Server connection is active or
I tried to use a script called "check_postgre.pl" and defined all commands
and services.
Icinga is running on a dedicated server, without postgreSQL, the
postgre-server i want to check is in the same network.
In the check_postgre.pl script i defined all ports and the "PSQL" path, but
icinga said something like "error: no psql executable". So i think icinga
trying to run the psql executable on the local server but not on the
postgre-server i want to check? Can i check the connection from the
postgre-server without having postgreSQL installed on my icinga machine?

# commands.cfg
define command{
        command_name    check_postgres_connection
        command_line    $USER5$/check_postgres.pl --action connection -H
$HOSTADDRESS$ --db=$ARG1$ -u admin --dbpass=$USER4$

define service{
        use                   generic-service
        host_name             postgre-server
        service_description   postgre-connection
        check_command         check_postgres_connection!transfer

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