[icinga-users] icinga-nrpe

Thomas Pries seirp.samoht at googlemail.com
Wed Mar 7 19:39:46 CET 2012


I tried to setup icing-nrpe on one host with selfsigned SSL-Certs for 
both client and daemon. When I try to connect I got:

CHECK_NRPE: Error - Could not complete SSL handshake.
CHECK_NRPE: Error - Failed to get peer certificate.

I set debug=1 in nrpe.cfg to find out what went wrong, but the only info 
at daemon-log was "nrpe[12912]: Connection from 2001:4dd0:... port 59107".

I is there any kind of "very verbose"-option either on client or on 
daemon side to find out why the handshake fails?

Any other hints?

Kind regards

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