[icinga-users] We are thinking of using Icinga in our oganisation

Michael Friedrich michael.friedrich at univie.ac.at
Sat Mar 3 19:44:58 CET 2012

On 03.03.2012 17:08, Casper Allerslev (CAL) wrote:
> Hi All,
> I'm not that comfortable with Linux though i don't mind learning it or 
> playing with it. We are thinking of implementing Icinga as our 
> monitoring tool in the company.
> I have some question regarding this.
> I managed to install the IDOutil version of Icinga... Reading a bit 
> more into this I realize I properly should have installed the other one.

reading where and what?

> What they both have in common is that I end up with the standard web 
> interface..

i don't understand that. can you rephrase what you mean?

> If I want the cool new one what do I have to do?

follow the docs. install icinga with idoutils as requirement, setup the 
chosen rdbms, install icinga-web.

if you are more experienced, get the shorter howtos on the wiki (but 
still have in mind that docs are more detailed).

> I found a install guide for installing the new website but I didn't 
> take it to be what I needed since it seemed a little complex.

sorry to say that, but my crystal ball doesn't show any possible guess 
what you might have read or not.

> I figured I just had to download the right file with icinga install in 
> it or something.

that's a rather common process in the m$/linux/apple world - you read 
about a software, you start reading the documentation, you try to get 
the software and follow the install instructions. if you then find out, 
that you did something wrong, you'll normally hit the internet, asking 
for help, providing accurate information about your problem. this includes

* operating system, version
* icinga version
* icinga web version
* urls and docs you've read
* configs, logs in case of errors

i can't see your real question. can you elaborate in more detail?

> Reading a bit more into this I'm starting to think that perhaps all 
> installs of icinga comes with the standard web interface and that you 
> indeed need to do the (in my eyes) a bit more complex web install 
> after you have installed icinga to get the super new web interface..
> Am I right?
you are 1) not telling what you exactly did and 2) not providing any 
information what actually *could* be a problem.

kind regards,

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