[icinga-users] host_name and availability reports (how is this in incinga2?)

Simon Oosthoek soosthoek at nieuwland.nl
Mon Feb 4 13:30:19 CET 2013


just wanted to expand on this thread...

In discussions with my colleague (who's background is cacti) he insisted 
that the choice for host_name as unique identifier is a design-flaw. 
Considering that icinga2 is being built up from scratch (and 
experience), I'm wondering if it will be possible to change the host's 
name while retaining the service history if it is essentially the same 
host with a different name?

In order to answer some questions about availability of the hosts for 
which I changed the host_name variable (or should I say: identifier?), I 
created a script that can report stuff from the archive logs, based on a 
regular expression for the hostname. I anyone is interested, just let me 
know, I may have a script that can help...


On 12/20/2012 11:24 AM, Simon Oosthoek wrote:
> Hi Michael
> On 12/20/2012 10:13 AM, Michael Friedrich wrote:
>> On 20.12.2012 10:00, Simon Oosthoek wrote:
>>> Recently I was confronted by the problem in our nagios server that the
>>> long term statistics (pnp4nagios graphics) are fully dependent on the
>>> host_name. If I change the host_name (and I did!) the previously
>>> recorded data was inaccessible from the WUI.
>>> Does icinga have this same problem?
>> pnp4nagios got the problem, not icinga itsself - it just passes the
>> information it gets directly as perfdata to pnp4nagios. when looking at
>> the gui, it fetches the data store presented via pnp4nagios itsself.
> I see, but I also see the same effect in the nagios Availability report.
> This only shows the availability since the change in host_name...
> (admittedly, I'm running 3.0.5 and perhaps this is different in icinga,
> I'm trying to learn icinga by way of our old nagios ;-))
>> when initially defining a host->service relation, this should chosen
>> wisely and unique. changes to those are not expected and not the normal
>> case - so the manual procedure of moving the stored rrd and xml files of
>> pnp4nagios need to be done manually. if you require some sort of
>> automated detection of changed host/service names, you need to make sure
>> that a. something diffs old vs new config (core doesn't do that) and b.
>> pnp4nagios gets aware of thesechanges (doesn't get that now, just plain
>> new information).
> This wasn't very clear to me from the documentation (that everything is
> identified by the host_name). It would be nice if there was a script
> that could rename hosts without losing the history, but I guess it
> entails a lot of modifications (potentially, even altering the archive
> logs is required?).
> But it's better to setup the configuration with well chosen host_name
> variables ;-)
> Cheers
> /Simon
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