[icinga-users] NRPE issue with Host and Server

Mike Dopp MDopp at parkcitygroup.com
Sat Feb 23 00:55:58 CET 2013

I have recently setup icinga and icinga-web on a Ubuntu 12 VM. I have got the web interface working with localhost info however after installing NRPE plugins for both host as well as server I am unable to connect to either external to the server hosts.
Host list:
Ubuntu 12 with Icinga core and Icinga-web installed as well as NRPE plugins. ufw off (server)
Windows 7 with NSCLIENT++ configured for nrpe uAC and firewall off (client)
Ubuntu 12 with NRPE server ufw off (client)
On the client Ubuntu cannot find check_nrpe as a command
On the server Ubuntu connection is refused to both clients

Can someone give me a direction?
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