[icinga-users] ANNOUNCE: NSCA-ng

Holger Weiß holger at cis.fu-berlin.de
Mon Feb 25 16:01:38 CET 2013

Today, I published an NSCA replacement (yet another one) called NSCA-ng:


We wanted to be able to submit arbitrary commands (such as downtimes or
ACKs) next to check results, so this is one of the features provided by
NSCA-ng.  Basically, it makes the command file accessible to remote
systems, with client-specific passwords and relatively fine-grained
authorization control.  Check results of arbitrary size and multiline
plugin output are supported just fine.

The NSCA-ng client accepts all input, command line arguments, and
configuration files accepted by the original send_nsca binary, so
existing scripts should be able to use the new client without
modification.  The server can run side by side next to the old one.


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