[icinga-users] wmi query issue on windows 2003

Marko Vainiokangas marko.vainiokangas at atea.se
Mon Feb 4 07:57:49 CET 2013

>Hi All,
>I am using Icinga 1.7.1 and now getting issue on WMI query on some windows
>2003 server while the same query run without any issue on other windows
>servers .
>Query : ./check_wmi_plus.pl -H 192.168.X.X -m checkmem  -u
>domainname/uname  -p password --IgnoreMyOutDatedPerlModuleVersions
>Error detail :
>UNKNOWN - The WMI query had problems. The error text from wmic is:
>[wmi/wmic.c:200:main()] ERROR: WMI query execute.
>NTSTATUS: NT code 0x8004106c - NT code 0x8004106c
>Thanks in Advance
>Shyam Keshri

In regards to your wmic error, you will most likely encounter it even on a windows machine running wmic and running a query against it. The error code is rather specific and there's a KB article about it;


Marko Vainiokangas

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