[icinga-users] host_name and availability reports (how is this in incinga2?)

Gunnar Beutner gunnar.beutner at netways.de
Tue Feb 5 09:42:28 CET 2013

Am 04.02.2013 20:56, schrieb Simon Oosthoek:
> On 02/04/2013 01:30 PM, Simon Oosthoek wrote:
>> Hi
>> just wanted to expand on this thread...
>> In discussions with my colleague (who's background is cacti) he insisted
>> that the choice for host_name as unique identifier is a design-flaw.
>> Considering that icinga2 is being built up from scratch (and
>> experience), I'm wondering if it will be possible to change the host's
>> name while retaining the service history if it is essentially the same
>> host with a different name?
> If I look at the config structure examples I find for icinga2, I see the
> host definition looks like
> object host "hostname" {
> stuff
> }
> So I infer that hostname is still the identifier for the host.
> Thinking about it some more, I suppose that although it may not be the
> most canonical and pretty solution, it will usually not matter that much
> in practical applications, except for the following scenario:
> an understaffed noc whacks up a nagios install after half-reading the
> docs. A few years later, all the staff is gone and a new understaffed
> noc takes its place. After more fully, yet not completely, reading the
> docs, thinks about ways to clean up the mess and cleans up the config,
> on the fly also normalising the hostname conventions (there were 4
> different ways of naming hosts).
> A week or two later, someone asks what happened to the history of a
> certain host....
> I hope for all of our sakes that this is not a frequently occurring
> scenario ;-)
> However, assuming this doesn't just happen to me, it would have helped
> me to have clearer separation between identifier and name for the host....

Well, short of forcing users to manually specify some other unique 
identifier there's no way for Icinga 2 to determine whether a config 
object has previously had a different name:

object Host "localhost" {
     unique_id = "5fe49ae3-fc9c-4935-a936-b59485af725f",


This wouldn't be that much of a problem if the configs are automatically 
generated (e.g. from LConf) but this is not always the case. What other 
identifiers would you suggest we use instead? I can't really think of 
any good ones right now.

> Cheers
> Simon
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