[icinga-users] notification command configuration

Simon Oosthoek soosthoek at nieuwland.nl
Wed Feb 6 21:11:23 CET 2013

Hi Michael

On 06/02/13 16:27, Michael Friedrich wrote:
> There's a reason why environment macros are by default disabled, as they 
> cause problems, leak memory and so on. Google for the details.

I've not been able to come up with anything more than that it is
expensive to calculate the variables' values.

In my sample setup I only monitor localhost, so that wouldn't be a
problem ;-) But I suppose in production environment it might be problematic.

> Even if the command line is complicated, I still advise users to use the 
> "normal" macros calculated on command execution, instead of pushing into 
> your env memory.

The documentation is quite "dry" w.r.t. this...

> Try whatever fits best - but you've been warned.

Thanks for the warning!


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