[icinga-users] Icinga 1.8 with Reverse Proxy

Daniel.DUFOUR at ec.europa.eu Daniel.DUFOUR at ec.europa.eu
Thu Jan 17 21:28:14 CET 2013

Hello everybody,

We are using Icinga for 2 years. We access Icinga server [v1.8.1 on a RHEL6 64 bits] through intranet with a URL of this kind:
http://internal/icinga and http://internal/icinga-web

Few days ago I decided to extend this service to internet with Icinga-Mobile. For this, we requested a Reverse Proxy Mapping to our network team.
So they have mapped Internet URL https://external/departmentXXX/unitYYY on intranet URL http://internal

When I try to use Icinga Classic on https://external/departmentXXX/unitYYY/icinga everything works fine (except a small bug with images in the dropdown list of commands).
When I try to use Icinga Mobile on https://external/departmentXXX/unitYYY/icinga-mobile there is an error with Request Failed and list of Hosts and Services is empty.

So I tried to access https://external/departmentXXX/unitYYY/icinga-web and I received a message "Your login session has gone away, press ok to login again!"
But if I click OK, I'm redirected to https://external/icinga-web instead of https://external/departmentXXX/unitYYY/icinga-web

I already tried to change this setting (found here https://dev.icinga.org/issues/1017)
<setting name="appkit.logout_path">https://external/departmentXXX/unitYYY/icinga-web</setting<http://myexternal.com/icinga-web%3c/setting>>
But the result is the same.

Do you know how to fix this issue ?

Thanks in advance,

PRODUCTION Team - Head of Section

[cid:image001.png at 01CDF4F5.8D6B0B60]
European Commission
DG Development and Cooperation

L41 08/12
B-1049 Brussels/Belgium
daniel.dufour at ec.europa.eu<mailto:daniel.dufour at ec.europa.eu>

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