[icinga-users] Additive inheritance from multiple templates behavior

Gerd Radecke wi2009i at gmail.com
Wed Jan 23 14:25:52 CET 2013


I'm currently experementing with inheritance from multiple templates (as it
is recommened at
and I stumbled across a rather unexpected behavior.

My example configuration looks like this:

define host {
use             generic-host
name            tempTwo
hostgroups      +hg_two
contact_groups  +cg_two
register 0

define host {
use             generic-host
name            tempOne
hostgroups      +hg_one
contact_groups  +cg_one
register 0

define host {
use              tempOne,tempTwo
host_name        example
I'm not getting any erros when Icinga parses the config. However, the
results are odd:
1. My host "example" is now a member of two hostgroups: hg_one and hg_two.
That seemed logical to me as both templates only append another member to
the hostgroups list.
2. Yet, the host has only one contactgroup: cg_one.
3. If I change the use line in the example host to "use   tempTwo,
tempOne", the only notification group will be cg_two.
4. If I add yet another template (tempThree with analog hg_three and
cg_three) the result is as expected: all three hostgroups are applied but
only the first contactgroup.

Can someone explain to me why these two behaviors differ? I would think
that the behavior shown by the hostgroup is correct (and
support that). So is the behavior of the contact_group inheritance a
bug or did I miss something in the documentation?

Gerd Radecke
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