[icinga-users] Errors reported in configuration check

Scott Dunn scott at softwaremedia.com
Thu Jan 24 21:57:36 CET 2013


I've noticed that on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, I get errors on both Nagios and
Icinga. I get the same *exact* errors when I run the command "icinga -v
icinga.cfg", with Nagios and Icinga.

Here are the errors:

Reading configuration data...
Error: Cannot open resource file '/etc/icinga/resource.cfg' for reading!
Error in configuration file '/etc/icinga/icinga.cfg' - Line 548 (Check
result path is not a valid directory)
   Error processing main config file!

In both cases (Nagios and Icinga), the file in the path identified in the
first error exists. The check result path is actually correct. Even the
permissions appear to be correct.

These errors result from a clean install of Ubuntu 12.04, running "sudo
apt-get install icinga (or nagios3)".

Please advise on how to proceed.



Scott Dunn
System Administrator
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