[icinga-users] Icinga 1.8 with Reverse Proxy

Henrik Schewe henrikes at tihlde.org
Sat Jan 19 16:31:17 CET 2013


> Hello everybody,
> We are using Icinga for 2 years. We access Icinga server [v1.8.1 on a 
> RHEL6 64 bits] through intranet with a URL of this kind:
> http://internal/icinga and http://internal/icinga-web
> Few days ago I decided to extend this service to internet with 
> Icinga-Mobile. For this, we requested a Reverse Proxy Mapping to our 
> network team.
> So they have mapped Internet URL 
> https://external/departmentXXX/unitYYY on intranet URL http://internal
> When I try to use Icinga Classic on 
> https://external/departmentXXX/unitYYY/icinga everything works fine 
> (except a small bug with images in the dropdown list of commands).
> When I try to use Icinga Mobile on 
> https://external/departmentXXX/unitYYY/icinga-mobile there is an error 
> with Request Failed and list of Hosts and Services is empty.
> So I tried to access https://external/departmentXXX/unitYYY/icinga-web 
> and I received a message "Your login session has gone away, press ok 
> to login again!"
> But if I click OK, I'm redirected to https://external/icinga-web 
> instead of https://external/departmentXXX/unitYYY/icinga-web 
> <https://external/departmentXXX/unitYYY/icinga-web>
> I already tried to change this setting (found here 
> https://dev.icinga.org/issues/1017)
> <setting 
> name="appkit.logout_path">_https://external/departmentXXX/unitYYY/icinga-web_</setting 
> <http://myexternal.com/icinga-web%3c/setting>>
> But the result is the same.
> Do you know how to fix this issue ?
You will probably have to ask your network staff to add some rewrite 
rules on the reverse proxy.
For instance, if the backend sends data containing http://internal/* 
then, rewrite to: https://external/departmentXXX/unitYYY/*

if you are able to add another httpd on your icinga server, you can 
configure it yourself to rewrite to the external URL and ask the network 
staff to use that as the backend.

Henrik Schewe

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