[icinga-users] multiple passive updates for the 'OK' state not triggering service notifications

Joseph L. Casale jcasale at activenetwerx.com
Tue Jan 29 01:39:52 CET 2013

> Currently if I send (for example) 3 critical passive updates I will get 3 service notifications. 
> If however, I send 3 'OK' passive updates, I will get 1 service notification.
> This is due to the fact that the ok status is a soft status.

That's not correct, a soft state is defined as:

    - When a service or host check results in a non-OK or non-UP state and the service check has
      not yet been (re)checked the number of times specified by the max_check_attempts directive
      in the service or host definition. This is called a soft error.
    - When a service or host recovers from a soft error. This is considered a soft recovery.

Your scenario does not involve a change in state and hence is not tracked, even event handlers
require a state change to fire.

My suggestion is to rethink your setup, auto-ok the service and let the OK updates issue warnings
with descriptive text for example. But not knowing what you are doing makes it hard to suggest a better


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