[icinga-users] multiple passive updates for the 'OK' state not triggering service notifications

Michael Friedrich michael.friedrich at gmail.com
Tue Jan 29 09:05:09 CET 2013


On 29.01.2013 00:29, Lachlan Bowes wrote:
> Hi All
> I tried at nagios-users to no avail, so trying here as well.
> I have a passive service setup in nagios.

Just a note, even if the cores do behave at 99% the same - in future 
versions icinga and nagios won't be the same in a manner to just push 
support questions onto mailing lists vice versa.

It's sad that you did not get a reply on the "other" list, but still, if 
the entire setup is not icinga based, it may trigger nagios bugs someone 
using/developing icinga may not reproduce.

So please be advised to either do a migration to icinga, or safely put 
your questions with nagios; but still be warned, I will always remark 
this at first sight not to irritate other icinga community members 
seeking for help here as well.

For the problem itsself, some hints:

- always provide the software install method and versions used
- configuration valid for the case (for notifications e.g. host/service, 
- some logs showing what's happening (for notifications, the ALERT and 
NOTIFICATION logs should be sufficient, and if sending passive check 
results, the passive checks as well as external commands in that log 
history as well

That said, I would have said s/software/icinga/, s/log/icinga\.log/, etc
Still, everyone seeking help is welcome here, but please provide more 
verbose information on the problem itsself.

Kind regards,
Michael, with his Icinga support hat

DI (FH) Michael Friedrich

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